Discover The Real You Seminar - Course One

  • Learn the languages of visual and verbal communication.
  • Find the clues that can help you to better understand your unique purpose.
  • Use your P.I.N. (Preference Identification Number) to align the outward image with the inward being to experience The Real You.
  • Create environments you love by applying your P.I.N. with the colors, styles and textures that visually communicate The Real You! 
  • Learn the fundamental verbal communication skills for each shape.
  • Understand the basics of how to communicate with shapes different from your own.

Discover The Real You Seminar - Course Two

  • Take your understanding of the basic visual and verbal communication skills to higher level.
  • Learn how to visually and verbally discern the clues others offer for better listening and speaking.
  • Find out how to unlock your possibilities and find joy as you learn purpose based contribution.
  • Understand more deeply the design elements of each shape and how they translate into visual and verbal communication
  • Create more meaningful moments as you turn ordinary occasions into memorable events through purpose focused visual communication
  • Visit the strengths and maturities of each shape and learn how to address them within yourself and others.  

Discover The Real You