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Day of Beauty Gift Certificate

What Woman or Young Woman do you know that:

  • Gives to everyone and deserves something special and unique!
  • Would love to enjoy letting someone do her hair and make-up!
  • Deserves the chance to be Queen for the day!
  • Could use a "Thank You" ... or an... "I Love You" ... or both!

Just in time for Mother's day and Graduation, now you can give the Beautiful Women in your life:

  • A brand new look for the woman who deserves the best!
  • Individualized hairstyle designed by a master hair designer familiar with all aspects of hair design for film, TV & hair shows, who works with all kinds of hair to bring balanced beauty to women of all ages.   
  • A Professional International Make-up Artist & Esthetician who uses the secret make-up techniques that Actresses, Models and Beauty Queens rely on... all according to unique Coloring, Bone Structure, and Personal Preferences!

Until June 15th, Gift Certificates are available for the Beautiful Women in your life to experience individualized transformations. Below is a detailed explanation of what this Gift Certificate includes.

Day of Beauty

Personal Preference Test
Determine your unique P.I.N. (Preference Identification Number), to identify the colors, textures, intensities and styles that visually express the real you; everything – clothing, jewelry, make-up, hairstyle, shoes, accessories; even interiors, music and movies!

Mini Facial
Evaluate skin and cleanse, exfoliate dead skin cells, mask, tone and moisturize for optimal moisture balance.

Analyze Bone Structure
Identify facial shape; vertical/horizontal, closed/open eyelid, lip, cheek, jaw, forehead, nose and brow bone proportions.

Brow Shaping
For the most important part of a beautifully balanced face; measure to pinpoint exactly where the brow needs to begin, ascend, arch and end.

Facial Sculpting
Considering your unique P.I.N., bone structure and coloring; contour face by applying exact amounts of shadow and highlight in every aspect of makeup application for optimal balance.

Casual, Business & Evening Looks
Identify what is needed for casual, business and evening looks.  How to transition from one to the other and the secrets for highlighting individual beauty potential!

Personal Hair Design
Evaluate and create hair design using P.I.N. number, bone structure, coloring and intrinsic hair qualities, to determine an optimal style. Cut (if needed) and style.

Before and After Photo
Capture before and the after pictures, to remember this experience, and refer back to as a reference of the individualized style.

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